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10 Dance Goals for 2021

2021 is here and it is time to set yourself a dance goal. Goal setting is proven to drive motivation and as a result, help progress. Improvements in dance are no exception. As many of us around the world are in lockdown, beginner, intermediate and advanced online dance classes allow dancers to keep progressing towards their goal. Here are a few ideas for you dance goals this year.

1. Pick up choreography faster

Picking up choreography quickly mostly comes with practice. However, with good foundations, technique, and a couple memorization tricks, you can greatly improve your ability to remember sequences. Make it a goal this year to discover what memorization techniques work best for you.

2. Learn a new style

As the online world offers us the opportunity to take online dance classes worldwide, now is the time to start learning how to dance a new style.

3. Tighten up your transitions

Dancers often anticipate the next move, or are slightly delayed because they have taken too long to transition into the next move. Make it a goal this year to always be on time with the music.

4. Get comfortable with freestyle

This is a challenging one for a lot of dancers, especially for beginner & intermediate dancers. Practice is what will get you more comfortable, and there is no other key to getting better at freestyle. When I say practice, I mean exploring. Playing music and letting yourself go. Try and do it at least once a week.

5. Dance on a regular basis

A lot of dance lovers will take class once in a while, without having a set schedule. Since online Zoom dance classes are so accessible, make it a goal to incorporate at least one per week into your schedule.

6. Improve your technique

Every dancer, no matter their level, can always improve their technique. Find a trick you wish to accomplish this year or set yourself a flexibility goal that will directly impact your technique.

7. Learn your foundations

Focusing on your foundations will improve your overall execution, improve your freestyle, and help you pick up choreography faster. Sign up for a basic class once a week to revisit your technique.

8. Add your own flavour

Everybody has their own way of executing movements. Find the way that best suits your body and be confident with it. Apply your newfound flavour to choreography classes.

9. Reach a certain class level

Push yourself to reach the next level. Currently taking beginner online dance classes? Aim for the intermediate online class by the end of the year.

10. Learn about the anatomy of dance

This goal can be extremely beneficial to your technique. Once you understand your body, you can understand why it moves a certain way and what should be done to improve your range of motion or execute different skills with more precision.

There are many things you can focus on in 2021. No need to do all of them, but try and set one or two goals that will guide your training this year and make it part of your routine to work towards this goal.

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