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How to Make your Tik Tok Dance Videos Stand Out

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

5 secrets top dance creators use for unique Tik Tok dance videos

There are countless dance videos on Tik Tok and you may be wondering what is the key to growing a following with this type of content. Spoiler alert, it actually has nothing to do with following Tik Tok trends. I grew a following of 40K in 3 months back in 2020 and as a professional dancer, I refused to follow any of the dance trends that were happening at the time. It was important for me to create my own pieces. Though the algorithm has since changed significantly, the concepts that earned me the success in 2020 are still valid today. I recently took time to analyze my profile to better understand the key factors in growing a following when making dance videos on Tik Tok. I am sharing with you 5 of my discoveries.

After reading the following tips, you will notice how the top dance creators of the web use these concepts to get more views on their videos. Even better, you will have the knowledge to start applying them yourself and hopefully, grow your Tik Tok view counts as well.

1 - Your dance video should trigger an emotion

When people scroll on Tik Tok, they subconsciously have a reason to do so. They may be looking to distract themselves from the stresses of the day, or looking for entertainment while they wait at the dentist office. Others may be experiencing difficult situations and looking for creators that are going through the same thing to get confirmation that they are not alone in this kind of situation. Regardless of what they are looking for, emotion will be a strong hook for your video.

Dance, by nature, is a form of expression. No matter what kind of emotion you base your videos on, make sure the message is clear. I grew my Tik Tok account in 2020 - a very dark time in everyone's history. My focus was happy and energetic videos, two things that were less available in our daily lives at the time. I was spreading some joy and my comments were confirming it. People were coming back on my Tik Tok profile every day to check what kind of happy dance I'd be creating on that day. That is one of the main reasons I gained a following so quickly.

2 - Create a vibe with the colors of your dance video

One way to convey an emotion with a dance video on Tik Tok is by paying attention to the color scheme. Depending on the vibe you want your video to have, you may want to adjust the lighting accordingly. Filming indoors with less lighting can convey a more relaxed and calm energy, while filming outdoors on a bright sunny day with the lunchtime sun shining on your skin is exciting and joyful. You can play around with the location as well. Think of the overall emotion your audience should feel when watching you and adjust your backdrop and lighting accordingly.

To take my account as an example, my happy and energetic videos filmed outdoors during a bright sunny day did significantly better than my videos filmed indoors. The shining sun and the clear blue sky makes the colors shine in my dance videos. Who doesn't feel joy when the sky is clear? It was the perfect setting to increase the views on my Tik Tok dance videos.

3 - Play with the musicality

How many trending dance videos have you seen where creators dance to a song that has a variety of sound effects? The combination of visual and audible cues are extremely powerful. When you create your dance, listen to all the layers of sound in your song. Find the main musical phrases as well as the subtle musical elements and match your moves to what you hear. Make the audio cues visually clear and your audience will stay watching, curious for what you do next!

4 - Use a variety of movement that your followers can recreate regardless of their level

If you are a trained dancer, posting videos of your dance skills is important for your audience to get to know you. However, one of the core missions of Tik Tok is to create trends. Consequently, that means that you want your audience to be able to recreate some of your Tik Tok dance videos and tag you as the creator. It's a bonus is they decide to duet your video. This will also engage your followers and ensure they come back for more. With that said, find a ratio of videos showcasing your skills and videos that are easier in execution but stylized to boost your follower retention.

5 - Find music that triggers memories

Finally, pay close attention to your choice of music. Here, it isn't a question of trending sounds. Keeping in mind the concept of emotional trigger introduced earlier, find music that awakes an emotion - and it can go deeper than a happy or sad emotion. Memories are extremely strong to keep your viewers watching. If you can trigger a memory and it's related emotion, you've just earned a new follower. Now you are thinking: "how do I know that a specific song will trigger a memory?" There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if a song will bring back a memory for your viewers:

  • Does the song trigger a memory for yourself?

  • Has the song been on the Billboards Top 100 in a specific year or decade?

  • Is the song associated with any specific event (past or present)?

  • Is the song on a popular movie soundtrack?

  • Is this a song commonly used for weddings or other ceremonies?

If the answer is yes for any of the above questions, chances are you've got a memory triggering sound. Trending sounds might help your account at the moment you post your dance video on Tik Tok but once the sound stops trending and becomes saturated, your views will stall. Memory triggering music ensures evergreen dance videos.

Ready to make your Tik Tok dance videos competitive?

You've now got the basic concepts to make your dance videos stand out on social media. Taking the time to put a little more thought into your dance videos will pay off in the long run.

Need more help? Or want to improve your dance skills so you can make killer dance videos and do simpler dance videos with slick style? I can help you! Check out my online dance classes page and contact me. Don't be shy, it will be a pleasure to help you!

To view the application of those Tik Tok dance video secrets, you can check out my account @stephanieepaquet.

If you have any questions and comments about this article, please leave them below.

Good luck and happy dancing!

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