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Private classes

Let's work together to take your dancing to the next level. Let's set goals and work towards reaching them. I will be there to support you, guide you and encourage you every step of the way.


I offer personalized formulas of workshops, intensives and convention classes tailored to your dancers.  Contact me to book your workshop today!


Let's work together to set your dancers up for success this competition season! With over 10 years of competition choreography experience doing solos, duets, trios, small groups and lines of all ages and levels, I will work with you to find the style & music that will showcase your dancers.


With more than 15 years of teaching experience and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I am committed to helping every dancer achieve their full potential by helping them understand the foundation of the art and the mindset to reach their goals. Recognizing and mastering foundational skills, relating to physical execution, musicality and interpretation, is essential for progressing to higher levels. By utilizing imagery and analogies, dancers can gain a deeper understanding of these skills and feel more confident in their execution. This approach prepares them for situations where they may have to recognize incorrect execution and correct themselves, such as an audition.  I encourage dancers to set goals and celebrate their progress along the way. I believe in enjoying the journey without forgetting the reason why we dance: the love for the art. Creating a positive environment is of utmost importance for me to ensure every dancer can feel comfortable to spread their wings.


1:1 classes

One on one personalized training to enhance your progress

Are you looking to reach new accomplishments this year?


Whether it is to gain new skills or take a solo to the next level, I am here to take dancers through a personalized learning curve that will help them progress. I teach young dancers the tools that will help them make the most of every performance or class they will take in the future to enhance their progress. Let's set clear goals and work towards reaching them together.


I take some time with each dancer to assess and work a series of elements to help them reach their highest potential. After working together, dancers:

  • Have a deeper understanding of foundations

  • Recognize correct execution using tools

  • Better connect to the music using acting principles

  • Have a step by step plan to reach specific skills they wish to accomplish

  • Better understand musicality, dynamics, and textures

Dear dancers, my goal with these private classes is to give you the tools that you will carry through your dance development and that will result in your constant evolution as a performer.  

Let's start working together today!


An in-depth instruction tailored to your students

Give your students the opportunity to attend an event with in-depth instruction in a particular style. Personalize the focus of the workshop for your dancers to compliment your teaching material. 

Examples of workshops previously taught:

  • Musical Theatre 

  • Professional Dance Orientation (with bonus printed guide)

  • Hip Hop with introduction to Shuffle Dance

  • Broadway Jazz

  • Flexibility & Technique

 Contact me today to book your workshop, intensive or convention class!


Quality competition choreography that suit your dancers

The styles

For over a decade, I have choreographed competition routines in Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. I ensure to create unique pieces that showcase the dancers in their respective levels while challenging them to work on attainable skills, musicality and performance quality between the time they learn the piece, until competition. I like my choreography to be a source of motivation for the dancers.

The dancers

Solos, Duets, Trios, Small groups, Lines

Pre-competititve to Competitive

Ages 6 to adult

The results 

Each year, my guest choreography has placed in top overalls and received special awards.  Awards received in 2024 included: Novice Small Group (Hip Hop): 2nd Overall, Comp Teen Large Group (Jazz): 1st Overall, Adjudicators Choice, Special Award. A special thank you to the teachers who work on maintaining the pieces!

Book a competition choreography today!

* Demo available upon request

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