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How to Set Up for the Best Online Zoom Dance Classes Experience

Online Zoom dance classes can be a great way to improve your dance skills. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best experience during your classes.

1. Use an HDMI cable

If you want to maximize your learning and really be focused on the class, being able to see your teacher well is key. Doing your class on a laptop rather than on a phone is the best option. Even better, using an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV will really ensure you get the optimal experience.

2. Get an external speaker or bluetooth headphones

Along the same lines, you want to be able to hear all the guidance and instructions properly - not to mention the music. Having a speaker or bluetooth headphones will allow you to create the same experience as if you were in studio. The louder music will help you get "in the zone".

3. Mute your microphone during class

Setting your microphone to "mute" is not only important to ensure the class isn't distracted by any noises that may happen around you, but also to ensure that there are no interference in the sound on your end. When your microphone is on, it may pick up the sound of your speaker and cause the music to fade in and out, or the music to cut off repeatedly - which really isn't ideal, and honestly, quite annoying. Muting your microphone will avoid that problem.

4. Mirror your video

In the video settings, under the camera subtitle, ensure that "Mirror my camera" is checked. This will allow you to view yourself in the screen as if you were looking into a mirror and will avoid confusion when you start moving in different directions. Note that this will not mirror the teacher's image, so if the teacher raises their right hand, you will have to raise your left hand to match them.

5. Set a mirror next to your screen

If you have a mirror, I strongly suggest setting it next to your computer. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror helps you correct yourself to better execute the movement you are taught, but also helps with choreography memorization - especially for those who learn better visually. If you wish to learn the choreography on the same side as the teacher, meaning that their right hand will also be your right hand, turn your screen so it reflects into the mirror.

These 5 technical tips will significantly improve your experience when taking online zoom dance classes.

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