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How to Stay Motivated When Taking Online Dance Classes

Dancing has always been a social activity. It's an art that we like to share with others. With the pandemic, we don't have the chance to share our passion socially in person and it takes a toll on our motivation to keep training. Taking online Zoom dance classes is different, but here are a couple tips that will keep you motivated and excited for class.

1. Create your dance space

Find a space in your home that you will dedicate to your online dance training. Add decorations, pictures, a ballet barre, mirrors, a yoga mat, yoga bloc, or anything that will make you feel like this is your special training space. Get an HDMI cable to link your computer to your TV and set up a speaker to give you a better learning experience.

2. Take notes

When the teacher gives you guidance on certain moves or corrections, write them down so you can review later. Go over those notes and apply them to future online dance classes. This will speed up your improvement, and improvement is always a good source of motivation!

3. Track you progress

There is nothing more motivating then progressing towards a goal. Filing yourself after class allows you to track your progress. Though it may take time before you can see progress, the pride you will feel as a result of your accomplishment sure will help you stay motivated.

4. Take class with a friend

As mentioned, taking online dance classes sometimes takes away the social aspect of dance. Though this isn't always true as some dance teachers create their online dance community, taking class with a friend can push you to always show up to class and progress faster by tracking your improvements together. Exchange videos, or if you are in the same circle, get together to take the class.

If you really love to dance and really want to improve, but struggle to find the motivation to start dancing from home, try these tips!

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