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Stephanie Paquet has been seen on the stages of renown companies. She is dedicated to her art and every performance is for her another chance to bring a smile to someone's day.


Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Tap, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Swing, Jive, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa  

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Well known for her strength, Stephanie takes every challenge that is put on her path with excitement. She is a versatile performer and loves to learn new apparatus.

Current skills: Lyra, 2-point harness, Bungees, Silks, Hammock, Straps, Spanset, Spanish web, RCCL apparatus (see reel): Chandelier, Snowflake

NEW! Stephanie now owns a 16ft and 20ft portable aerial rig with lyra and silk! She is available for a performance at your event! Contact us for more details.


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Stephanie sees dance and aerial not only as a profession but also a lifelong passion that can be shared with other aspiring performers. She has a great interest for physiotherapy and accessory assisted exercises that safely improve dancers' strength and flexibility. She teaches her students creativity, musicality, and positivity. She has obtained a certification to teach the RAD ballet syllabus up to Grade 3.


Need a substitute teacher for a dance class?

Contact Stephanie to teach at your studio today! 

Looking for online classes? Click here

Ballerinas Stretching


Stephanie is very familiar with the competitive scene. She has been doing choreography for studio competitions for over 10 years and her choreography has won overall awards.

For more information, contact Stephanie today!

Dance Performance


Stephanie is an active member of the Professional Adjudicators Alliance (PAA). As a professional performer and teacher, Stephanie has garnered many years of experience. She loves to inspire the new generation and be a part of events that pushes dancers to new levels.

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Stephanie works with her students and strives to help them as best as she can if they wish to pursue a professional dance career. She has put together a platform to help young dancers prepare for their first professional job. 

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Stephanie is always on the lookout for new projects, collaborations or teaching opportunities.

For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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