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Why 2021 is the Best Time to Start Dancing

Learning how to dance can be done at any time. However, 2021 is especially awesome when it comes to starting your dance journey, regardless if you are brand new to dance or if you are an advanced dancer, and here is why.

1. There are a TON of classes available to you online

Whether you wish to take live online dance classes, or pre-recorded classes, the internet has something for you. NOW is the time to explore, it only takes a quick search on the web to find the best online hip hop dance classes for your level anywhere in the world and sign up! It's as easy as that. Want to try online ballet classes with your favourite professional ballet dancer? You are in luck, they might be teaching during the lockdown! Getting the best dance training has never been this accessible.

2. You get to train from home and save travel time

Let's be real, we all have very busy lives that leave very little time for our hobbies. With online dance sessions, you don't have to worry about planning more time to get to the studio. Result? It is much easier to fit classes in your schedule!

3. All styles are now very accessible

Online dance classes make every dance style accessible worldwide. If you live in a remote area where the dance studios don't offer a specific style you've been wanting to learn, now is the time to start searching for the best dance teachers offering beginner online dance classes and sign up for their class! There are no boundaries as to where in the world this teacher is.

4. A lot of professional dancers are now teaching online

Whether you want to train with an experienced dancer, teacher or world champion, the internet makes it possible for you. Both for the beginner and advanced dancers, now is the time to focus on training in the best online Zoom dance classes and try something new.

5. No more issues with Zoom, we've figured it out

Both teachers and students are now familiar with online Zoom dance classes. We now understand how it works and many teachers have equipped themselves with the proper material, such as microphones and speakers, in order to deliver top quality online dance classes. You can now join any online dance class and be sure that it will go well technology-wise.

6. Your home is a safe space for you to train

As a beginner or intermediate dancer, you might be worried about taking class in person due to a fear of others being more advanced than you, or being there to watch you. Honestly, class is class, and it is not an audition. Everyone is there to learn and we shouldn't worry about making mistakes. However, when you are new to dancing, the reality is that you need to get used to this idea of learning in a group and having other people around might be intimidating for the first few classes. With online dance classes for beginners, you don't have to worry about that! You are alone at home and no one is there to watch you. This allows you to start improving and getting used to taking dance classes, and prepares you for in-person classes later on.

7. You can film yourself during class to practice later

In an in-person class setting, you would not be able to record yourself doing certain drills in order to practice them later, unless you did it once you got home after class. When you take online dance classes, you can set up your phone or camera to film yourself during class so you can correct yourself and remember the drills and details to revisit them later. It can be a great tool that will greatly benefit your learning process.

8. You can take risks

Take the risk of registering for a more advanced class and testing out your abilities. If you end up finding the class too challenging, you can always watch the class or modify the moves to make it more appropriate to your level. This point would also be applicable for in-person learning, but again, since no one is around you, you won't feel like others are watching you trying to overcome a challenge.

9. Train with other passionate dancers worldwide

Online dance classes allow you to connect with dancers from all over the world who love to dance and share the same passion as you. There is something very special about sharing a class with someone who is on the other side of the world, and I hope you can experience it this year as well.

Whether you are taking beginner & intermediate online dance classes, or you are training with the most advanced dancers worldwide, the web has something for you.

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