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Look out for these classes on the schedule ! 
The schedule changes weekly :)


This class is perfect if this is your first class ever! With this introduction class to hip hop, I will be able to teach you all of the basics and get you ready to join the beginner hip hop without any worries! Learn some of the basic moves and concepts, as well as a choreography.


This class was designed for students that are comfortable with the skills taught in the beginner class, and wish to further develop their abilities. Work on perfecting the foundational movement, learn new steps and learn a choreography.

90'S JAM

The 90's is an influencial and fun era! Alot of the modern hip hop moves originate from the 90's. It is a decade filled with hits by Will Smith, Snoop Dog, Notorious B.I.G, and Salt-N-Pepa, to name a few. Come dance to these classics with me. Learn classic grooves of the time and a choreography.


Work on that 6-pack with a series of abdominal exercises. Having a strong core as a dancer is so important. The core is the central element holding the body together while performing skills. It is imperative to keep our core nice and strong. Sign up for this class to develop your core muscles.


This full body workout will sculpt your dancer's body and allow you to work the correct muscles for you to improve  your skills in dance class. Beneficial for all dance styles, this class will help you discover a new way to train the muscles, use them to benefit your dance skills, and give you a fit look!


This class is a progression from the beginner jazz class. Master the basic skills, learn new ones, and work on choreography.


Increase your range of motion in targeted areas of the body to improve dance skills and technique, more specifically in regards to classical technique (jazz, ballet contemporary).

*Strongly encouraged for dancers enrolled in Jazz class.


If you are just starting out and wish to improve the basics of hip hop, this is a class for you. Learn some new skills, work on your basic grooves and learn a choreography.


Grooving is what we do when we go to the club! It is also what forms the vibe of a choreography. Learn classic grooves as seen on Tik Tok and in famous dance movies, master them, and take them to your next party!

*Recommended for dancers enrolled in Hip Hop class or anyone interested in a fun time!


Stretching is a great way to release the body from daily stresses and gain range of motion for both dance and daily activities. Join a stretch class to feel energized and ready to start the day!


Are you looking to get your heart rate up and break a sweat? This class is for you! A high energy, follow along, non-stop cardio, dancing to a variety of music. Easy to follow - the goal is to get endurance going!


Jazz has been made popular by famous dancers such as Bob Fosse and Gene Kelly. It has been seen time and time again on the stages across Broadway and the West End. This class will teach you the basics of the style and you will get to learn a choreography.


Jazz, ballet, and contemporary require a technique that is very different from the one used in other styles, such as hip hop. For dancers enrolled in a Jazz class, it is essential to work the basics of the style to really understand how to properly execute the movement while working choreography. This class will give you the tools to improve your technique.

*Recommended for student's enrolled in Jazz class 

What will a class look like?

For a 1h class:

  • A warm-up to prevent injuries for all dancers

  • A series of new skills slowly explained based on 20 years of training and 10 years of teaching experience

  • A review and practice of skills previously learned

  • choreography or sequences (depending on the class)

  • Personalized learning methods, feedback and help

  • A ton of my energy and excitement!

For a 45 min fitness class:

  • A warm-up to prevent injuries for all dancers

  • A non-stop follow along class

  • Detailed explanations on execution based on 20 years of training and 10 years of teaching experience

  • An overload of my energy and motivation!


“I am a busy mom of two kids, who works full time, and takes university classes on the side. As you might expect,I am very busy trying to keep on top of all of my responsibilities, and I was starting to go a little crazy from not taking any time to myself. I have always loved to dance (even though I am far from an expert) and when I found out Stephanie was doing online classes I felt so relieved. I have carved out time in my schedule (when baby is napping) twice a week to follow her classes. She bring such positive energy to every class and I can truly say it is one of the best parts of my week, and I enjoy every minute of it. I booked a dance party with my friends because I want to spread the love and hopefully bring a little light into my friends lives as well! HIGHLY recommend!"

JESSICA, Quebec, Canada

“Hands down the best dance teacher you could possibly ask for! I got to know Stephanie on Tiktok and I 'duet' one of her most popular dance videos "Rock Steady"...that vibe takes me back in time!  When she goes live on TikTok for tutorials I wouldn't miss it! Stephanie's online classes took off in September, I told myself, aw I gotta do this and take my dancing to the next level LOL. 


Stephanie builds an excellent foundation in dance technique with her beginner students. Her attention to details is amazing!  She also reinforces the basics while expanding to more complex moves. She is one of the worlds best for you folks that want to learn or improve your dance skills! Very lucky to have found her and recommended her enthusiastically!"

GEORGE, Washington D.C., USA

“I am so happy to have a chance to learn from such a great, skilled and energetic dancer like Stephanie. I love the way she breaks the steps down and explains it that way so everyone can understand easily. It is also something magical about her positive vibe and the way she teaches. She is a kind and fun person with so much experience."

ARINA, Nevada, USA

“Stephanie's love of dance radiates through the screen during every class and she always creates a positive and safe place to learn.  She is great at providing feedback and extra helpful tips - I just really enjoy her classes."

TARA, Ontario, Canada

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